Take the video tour on the ZOO! At SR Majestic when it comes to Services we listen to our customer's needs and then we deliver what is more than expected with simplicity and a touch of class.

Below are our services that we offer.



We believe in providing Majestic. When it comes to photography let us be your patterner for the absolute capturing of all the emotions scenes that will turn into a self telling story.

We capture moments from Graduation parties, Introductions, Kuhinjiras, Weddings and we will not miss any moment that you yourself will have missed or even at Baptism, Confirmations, children parties all our captures will be Majestic.

We also take photos for Conferces, Seminars and any other corporate function that you would want us to cover for you we guarantee professionalism in a majestic way.

We also have Studio photography, come to our two studios and you will have majestic work we promise.



If you are getting married then the first place to think about for all your photography Wedding Service is SR.Majestic. The aim of us telling you this service is to make it as easy as possible for you to find the right wedding photographer for your big day. You can view images in our online album to make it as easy as possible to to have a glimpse of how to the big day will look like and arrange your wedding photographer from SR.Majestic.


Who wouldn't want to have great memories for his/her crowning day of all your days at school. your graduation day is that day that you will remember all the days how it started when you were getting to school, but on this day its the epitome of all the hardwork you went through, let us help you to capture the moments of your joy as you feel proud of your self, we gaurantee capturing all the Ulululation of the day.All these memories will be captured with class just for you.

Kwanjula,Kuhinjira and all traditional celebrations

We assure you capturing all the funny moments in these celebrations because these are the moments that will happen only once in someones life, they are moments that we cherish to capture to make you feel like its still happening continously, we shall make your story telling simple to those who missed thes joyous times.

contact us or first have a look at the stories we are still telling on our online album of some ones Kwanjula.


Family,Baby, Pregnant, personal portraits and passport photos.

SR.Majestic Portrait Studios are conveniently located in Kampala. We provide family-friendly digital portrait photography services at affordable prices. When you arrive at our studio, an Associate will inquire about your unique needs and expectations.

Once in the camera room your photographer will take multiple pictures to create a portfolio of poses featuring a variety of expressions, backgrounds and lighting effects. Attention to details is the hallmark of our personalized, professional service!

Immediately after the session, you will be able to review your poses and choose your favorites for order consideration. It’s here that your Associate will work with you to create one-of-a-kind portraits. See how your portraits look with any combination of digital enhancements.

Choose portraits in natural color for a more traditional look, or black & white or sepia for a more classic, timeless appeal. Add a colored vignette to soften a portrait or add a border to help frame one of your favorites. Color Highlights are another dramatic way to enhance any portrait. You can personalize your portraits to mark a milestone such as a birthday or to remember a special event. Try as many combinations as you’d like to get exactly what you want.

Many customers choose to place their order at this time. Your Associate will tell you when your portraits will be available for pick up.

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